1. About my theoretical approach

My philosophical basis is the person-centered approach of Carl R. Rogers.


Carl R. Rogers has developed the person-centered psychotherapy, also called non-directive therapy.

His theory is based on the idea that living organisms have an internal tendency to maintain themselves and to grow. This tendency leads them to progress and maturity in a compete life.

Alone or with help, every person is theoretically able to understand himself and to engage constructive change.

Technically, Carl R. Rogers says that the therapist has to realize a climate of real acceptance. He should really "hear" the client when listening him. So he can focus the relationship onto the emotional value of the contents.
This allows the client to accept himself and to construct change on this foundation.

 More details : Person Centered Approach Europe

On this theoretical basis I have studied several approaches and built my therapeutic attitude. My various professional experience in social structures and in the "business world" helps me to understand a large variety of attitudes and problems. More I saw different approaches, more I am convinced that health and a fulfilled life depend on each individual and so my aim is to help it coming out.

Furthermore I won't lead you to unrealistic roads, seamed with flowers imagining that stones don't existů

I engage myself to create a climate helping you to find the road to yourself and to continue your way of life.

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